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Extended Schools Programme - Tae Kwon Do Classes

Codner's Tae Kwon Do is a great way to gain fitness and strength, it is both rewarding and challenging, and a superb way for children to develop their motivation, concentration and discipline in a fun and active environment. Our classes focus on:

  • Fitness
  • Self discipline
  • Concentration levels
  • Goal setting
  • Non contact!
  • Non violent!
  • Confidence building

As part of your school's extended schools programme South Woodford Tae Kwon Do provide lunchtime or after-school classes in the martial art of Tae Kwon Do at your school. We are have taught in several schools around North London, and have received very positive feedback about our classes (See below). We are also on the Foundation Sports list of Sport professionals who promote sport in North London schools. At a class pupils are positively encouraged to develop their abilities and fitness level, and all pupils train at their own pace with formal belt gradings available for those who want to measure their progress.

Telephone: 07939 172 456


From one of the head teachers:

"Northview are extremely happy with the lessons, the children really enjoy them."

J.Keen, Northwood Primary head teacher

From some of the children:

"The professor is really funny and makes all the lessons fun, he makes us laugh a lot"

"I love the lessons, it's like gymnastics when we do the warm ups"

"I've gone to my secondary school now and really miss the lessons"

"Some of the things are really hard to do!"

TEACHERS: If your school would like to offer Tae Kwon Do classes or an after school club then please get in contact.

PUPILS & PARENTS: If you would like to see Tae Kwon Do at your school as part of the extended schools programme then please let both myself and the school know and I will contact them.

We have taught at the following schools:

Northview Primary School - Neasden
Forest School - Snaresbrook near Wanstead
Mayfield School - Dagenham
Seven Kings High School - Ilford

Other areas:

If your school is based near Hackney see Codner's Taekwondo Academy in Hackney.